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PetGuard ProTrek™

PetGuard ProTrek™

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Are you tired of dealing with scratches, stains, and pet messes in your car every time you travel with your furry companion? Say goodbye to those worries with PetGuard ProTrek™, the ultimate pet seat cover that combines style, security, and comfort for your four-legged buddy!

  • Customizable for Convenience
  • Scratch & Water-Resistant
  • Versatile and User-Friendly
  • Easy Installation & Cleaning
Plus, we're giving you two free pet seat belts to make sure your furry friend enjoys the ride without any risks as a THANK YOU for being a responsible pet owner!

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PetGuard ProTrek™ Features

Your Pet's Guardian On The Road

Experience worry-free travels with your furry companion using PetGuard ProTrek™ - the ultimate travel companion for your pet. Crafted with 5 layers of premium cloth, this scratchproof and water-resistant seat cover protects your car from drool, muddy paws, and shedding fur. With adjustable straps, it fits most car models, and the customizable zippers ensure a secure, comfortable ride for your pet. And that's not all! We're gifting you two free pet seat belts, prioritizing your pet's safety. Versatile, easy to install, and effortless to clean, PetGuard ProTrek™ provides all-around protection, making it the must-have solution for responsible pet owners. Elevate your pet's travel experience and order now for worry-free journeys together!

  • Robust Barrier

    This innovative hammock design serves as a robust barrier, expertly draping over the backseat to shield your doors from any potential damage. No more unsightly scratches, dirt, or marks caused by your adventurous pet. Embark on every journey with complete peace of mind, knowing your car's interior is fully protected.

  • Customizable for Convenience

    Our unique zippers allow you to adjust the seat cover to meet your pet's needs. Transform the seat cover into a hammock, use it to protect the trunk, or unzip it to cover the front seat - PetGuard ProTrek™ offers endless possibilities to cater to your pet's needs.

  • Scratch & Water-Resistant

    Crafted with five layers of premium cloth, PetGuard ProTrek™ offers unbeatable protection against drool, muddy paws, and shedding fur. No more stains or damaged seats - keep your car looking as good as new! Cleaning is a breeze too - simply wipe or machine wash, and you're good to go!

  • Safety First

    Our ProTrek™ seat cover comes with four buckles and two seat anchors, ensuring a rock-solid grip, so your pet stays secure during every car ride. Plus, we're giving you two free pet seat belts to make sure your furry friend enjoys the ride without any risks.

See What Our Customers Are Raving About!

"Finally, a Seat Cover That Has Everything!"

"PetGuard ProTrek™ is hands down the best seat cover I've ever come across. It's so refreshing to find a product that ticks all the boxes - from its premium quality to the endless options it offers. Whether I'm taking my dogs on a long road trip or just a quick ride to the park, this seat cover keeps my car clean and my pets happy. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!"

Noah M. Verified Buyer

"A Quality Product with Endless Options!"

"PetGuard ProTrek™ is an absolute gem! It's a relief to find a product that not only offers top-notch quality but also comes with so many options. I can use it as a hammock, protect the front seat, and even cover the trunk when needed. The water-resistant material saves my seats from any spills, and the bonus pet seat belts give me peace of mind during road trips. An all-around winner for pet owners like me!"

Olivia R. Verified Buyer

"Perfect Fit for My Bench Seat!"

"I've tried several pet seat covers before, but PetGuard ProTrek™ is a game-changer! It's one of the very few covers that fit my bench seat perfectly. The adjustable straps make installation a breeze, and I love the hammock style that not only keeps my dog comfortable but also protects my doors from scratches. Highly recommend this for anyone with a bench seat and a furry companion!"

Emma T. Verified Buyer

"So Versatile! No Need to Remove with Car Seats!"

"Finally, a pet seat cover that understands the struggles of a parent! With PetGuard ProTrek™, I don't have to remove the cover when using car seats for my kids. The customizable zippers allow me to create a perfect fit without compromising on safety. It's versatile, user-friendly, and keeps my pets and kids happy during every ride. A total win-win!"

Liam S. Verified Buyer

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