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SlowLick Delight

SlowLick Delight

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Is your beloved furry friend gobbling up their food too quickly? Are you concerned about their digestion and overall well-being? Introducing the Silicone Slow Feeding Tray: A Perfect Solution for Happy and Healthy Mealtime! is here to revolutionize mealtime for your pet. 

  • Promote Healthy Digestion
  • Calming Effect and Anxiety Relief
  • Safe and Durable Construction
  • Easy to Clean and Store
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Revolutionize your pets mealtime

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  • Anti-slip Bottom

    Unlike similar products, our SlowLick Delight is equipped with multiple ultra-strong suction cups on the bottom. These suction cups provide an unbeatable grip, ensuring a non-slip and reliable fixture on a wide variety of flooring surfaces. No more spills or stains to clean up!

  • Interactive and Engaging Design

    Our SlowLick Delight features a unique and innovative design that stimulates your pet's senses. With various textured surfaces and hidden treat pockets, it encourages active licking and foraging, providing mental stimulation and preventing boredom. It's the perfect treat dispenser for all occasions.

  • Prolonged and Healthy Treat Time

    Studies have shown that slow and controlled treat consumption is beneficial for your pet's overall health. SlowLick Delight is designed to extend the pleasure of treat time, allowing your pet to savor every lick. It promotes healthy digestion and prevents the risk of overeating.

See What Our Customers Are Raving About!

"A Hit with the Dogs!"

"My dogs seem to get bored often because they are left alone while we are at work and school. I decided to get this feeding mat as a little extra something to do for them and it's a hit! It's a sturdy silicone and has various ridges and valleys. I put some of their dry food in there and it took them no time to clean that up. I've also added peanut butter around some of the textured areas and that kept them entertained for a long while, making sure to lick it all clean. It's the perfect way to add a little fun to treat time. Highly recommend!"

Ashley S. Verified Buyer

"Ginormous lick mat"

"I wasn’t expecting this lick mat to be so big! The quality is great.The mat is made of a thicker silicone than other lick mats that I have, and the suctions cups are amazing!. Probably due to its size, to hold all the food I’ll be putting in there.This can hold 2 cups of kibble along with smearing of Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and broth that I mix and freeze the kibble with in the bow portion without the slow feeder feature.I like this mat a lot, and am happy about how big it is. Definitely worth the purchase if looking for a bigger mat to feed your dog’s meal from!"

Semina T. Verified Buyer

"Great quality!"

"I gotta say, this feeding mat for my big pup is really good quality. It feels sturdy and well-made, and I don't have to worry about him tearing it up or anything. Plus, it actually works - his eating has slowed down a lot since we started using it. And cleaning it is a piece of cake, which is a huge plus for me. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone with a big dog who wants to make mealtime better."

Zekun Huang Verified Buyer